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The Truth.

About the Safety of Artifical Turf. 

Dozens of scientific studies, including peer-reviewed academic analyses and federal and state government reports, have all had one thing in common – all have found no connection between these fields and cancer or other health issues.

Myth #1

Turf contains chemicals that can give kids cancer.

Fact #1

When you think about chemicals in anything, you need a baseline. The truth is that any chemicals in synthetic turf fields are below EPA-set de minimus amounts. All turf fields are certified to have less than 100 ppm of heavy metals – that’s well below EPA’s limit of 400 ppm.

The bottom line: Dozens of scientific studies have looked at fields across variables – location, age, temperature – and found the same: there is no greater health risk to playing on artificial turf field than playing on urban or rural soil.

Myth #2

Synthetic turf fields with rubber infill are bad for the environment.

Fact #2

Synthetic turf fields that use crumb rubber infill actually reduce waste and are a sustainable solution. Each field:


  • Eliminates the need for 8,000 pounds of pesticides a year;
  • Saves 1.5 million gallons of water per year;
  • Diverts 20,000 tires per field from landfills;
  • And triples annual field usage 

Myth #3

The turf companies care more about making a profit than making sure kids are safe.

Fact #3

We use crumb rubber because we believe it is the safest infill we can use on these fields. Using crumb rubber also eliminates the need for field maintenance, unlike other infills that require watering.

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