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Who is the SFA? 

And why they are devoted to the safety of your field.

Who are the members of the Safe Fields Alliance?

Three of the leading North American manufacturers of synthetic turf fields – FieldTurf, Sprinturf, and AstroTurf – working alongside several leading recycled rubber manufacturers, came together to help alleviate concerns related to this issue. 

The Safe Fields Alliance is a coalition dedicated to educating stakeholders around the safety of synthetic turf fields using crumb rubber.


Nothing is more important than the safety and health of children, which is why when making decisions related to children’s safety and health, we have to look at the facts and the science – which in this case are extremely clear.


An overwhelming body of scientific evidence shows that synthetic turf with crumb rubber infill is safe for children to play on. We believe that rigorous science and unbiased research is the best antidote for uncertainty, and we always welcome additional research.


We encourage the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to publicly examine the safety of synthetic turf with crumb rubber, which we are confident would result in the conclusion that these fields are safe. We have voluntarily gotten together and have spoken to EPA, CPSC, and Congress to put pressure on EPA to act – the information is there, the data is there, and it should be reinforced to parents that turf is safe.

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